We are looking for talent

Know someone who would make a valuable addition to the Nanoforge team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of "Art", "Level Design" and "Programming". Please check out the join page for details.

Example Room



  • Metallic/polished glossy white aluminum/titanium


  • Pneumatic, puzzle-piece style doors (2 symmetrical rectangles, rounded edges) 
  • Light-strip between the two doors (green when unlocked, red when locked, blue when lacking a lock)


  • Metallic/polished glossy white aluminum/titanium
  • Light-strips - translucent plasma lighting, located at the absolute top/bottom edges of the wall, where it meets the ceiling (a subtle desaturated blue)


Bridge Concept

  • Railings are made of metallic/polished glossy white aluminum/titanium 
  • All panes have frosted glass (75-80% opacity), but circular
    panes are nearly transparent
  • Thin glass
  • Metallic/polished glossy white aluminum/titanium (opaque)
  • Lightstrips where the pane meets the floor
  • Long bridges have railings and panes, foot bridges do not have railings, only panes