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Know someone who would make a valuable addition to the Nanoforge team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of "Art", "Level Design" and "Programming". Please check out the join page for details.

Development Update - 014

Over the past fortnight, the team has been hard at work.
Sky has created some concept art of nanobots in action, seen below.

Nanotech Concept

Meanwhile, Tbiz has fully finalized the narrative, and has begun integrating the puzzle gameplay in the core storyline.
EternalWind has completed scripting support for our world editor, and Sidtheone has begun work on the base of the game, enabling scenes to be loaded automatically, which should soon lead to a playable preview release.
As well, ChocoboMaster has finally completed the improved ADAM robot, with the correct fingers, seen below.

Development Update - 013

Over the past fortnight, several new members have joined the team.
A pair of helpful artists, one of which, Torumus, created a shiny timelapse video as he created a room for Facade in Maya.

Development Update - 012

Over the past fortnight, plenty has happened.  The web team, consisting of myself and d3str0y, have been working on a cleaner, faster redesign of the website.  As well, I've simplified the current website, dividing it into just four main pages, allowing visitors to quickly and easily find the most important information.

Development Update - 011

Over the past few weeks...I mean...the past month, both the technical, art and design teams
have made great progress.  The technical team has continued work on our
Ogitor extensions, and I anticipate that they'll be able to provide a
build within the next fortnight.  Once a build exists, the design team
can begin creating the levels as they would appear in-game!  As for the
art team, Mykeeturn has created the finalized concept art of ADAM's
fingers and arms.

Fingers Concept Art

Development Update - 010

In the past two weeks, the programmers have made the most progress of any team...

Development Update - 009

It's February 4th, 2012.  We're a mere week away from the one year anniversary of Facade's initial founding...
And, I'm pleased to report that we continue to make steady progress.
There's not one, nor two, but three new tracks, created by our marvelous composers, on the Facade Soundcloud page!
While the other teams create the assets, the programmers are hard at work on the world editor and the main aspects of the game's core.
Lastly, the writers and I have been hard at work redacting and finalizing the crucial aspects of Facade's storyline.

Development Update - 008

What progress have we made?  Plenty.  All of the 36 storyline documents have been neatly categorized in an intelligible taxonomy, I've updated this website, by adding social media links, and our master environment artist has produced another beautiful concept render!
New Concept
And, that's about it.  If you want to ask any questions, and speak directly with the team, head over to the webchat.

Development Update - 007

YES!  We have new art to showcase:

Lab Concept

Oh, and here's some new screenshots of the game engine: http://wipup.org/updates/view/506/

Development Update - 006

I'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas!
Anyways, we've made slow progress in all areas, although we don't have any new art to showcase.
(due to a lack of spur-of-the-moment concept art, visualize snowy versions of our existing art)
We have, however, recruited a couple new members, and, we do have some new sound assets.
As for news, I've solved an issue with the tracker, allowing members to fully update and comment on issues.

Development Update - 005

Since my last post, a lot has happened.
Skull025 and Cam have left due to personal reasons.
Chili, our new project tracker, is now up and running, here.
We've released a new track on our Soundcloud page.
And, below, you'll see the equivalent of new concept art, a photo of the European Space Observatory, located in the arid Atacama Desert.
Outdoor Lab Concept