We are looking for talent

Know someone who would make a valuable addition to the Nanoforge team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of "Art", "Level Design" and "Programming". Please check out the join page for details.

Over the past fortnight, several new members have joined the team.
A pair of helpful artists, one of which, Torumus, created a shiny timelapse video as he created a room for Facade in Maya.

We've also added three members to our technical team, as well as an eager tester.
And, ChocoboMaster, another artist, has returned.  He's resumed work on the design of the player character, ADAM, and his companion, DXRA.
 I've also completely eliminated the comment spam issues that we were encountering on the main site.
We're still actively seeking a technical director for Facade, to replace djdduty.
As for other good news, I'm pleased to announce that we're 70% of the way to version 0.1 preview!  If all goes well, it will be released within a month of this post.
That's all for now!  Sorry for the short post, but hopefully the video will make up for it!