We are looking for talent

Know someone who would make a valuable addition to the Nanoforge team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of "Art", "Level Design" and "Programming". Please check out the join page for details.

In the past two weeks, the programmers have made the most progress of any team...

For example, they've enabled use of Ogitor as Facade's world editor, by integrating it with the Ducttape Engine.

To do this, they created plugins such as a physics body plugin, a player controller plugin, and an audio controller plugin. In layman's terms, the physics plugin will allow level designers to edit the physics properties of an object, the player controller plugin will allow the placement of enemies as well as players, and the audio plugin will allow simple placement of triggers that would play audio, such as a sound effect, whenever a door opens.
As well, they've begun research into implementation of this UI instead of Ogitor's.

Oh, and one more thing... Chili, our project tracker, is running smoothly, but it's made me realize that Facade desperately needs 3D artists.