We are looking for talent

Know someone who would make a valuable addition to the Nanoforge team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of "Art", "Level Design" and "Programming". Please check out the join page for details.

Since my last update, we've added  new members to the team.

CJ has joined the team as a writer. As well, we've also added a couple other new members to the team.  (SFX, art)
And, we have a shiny video to show off!

I've engaged in brainstorming sessions with both CJ and Eastep, and I've begun work on the new project tracker.
As well, we've began consolidating many of the existing storyline documents, with the goal of creating a succinct reference for the back-story of the official design document. 
After we've cemented our core gameplay concepts, we'll be able to begin focussing on puzzle and level design.
Of course, the puzzle mechanics are all centred around nanobots.

However, unlike malevolent nanites, often depicted in popular culture, Facade's nanobots are entirely neutral.  Sometimes, they help you progress with the game,  while other times, they may unintentionally hinder you.  Ultimately, though powerful, they're just a tool, just like Aperture's portal gun.  It's up to the player to decide how and when they'll make use of it.  Lastly, lest we get caught up in a maelstrom of expectations, I wish to remind fans that we're still in the fairly early stages of actual development.  

We need you!  Regardless of whether you can compose music, create art, or code C++, you can still contribute to this project,